At Etna, we believe in connecting with one another and empowering each other. That’s why we are always seeking to collaborate, whether it be with other brands, restaurants, or artists.

As one of the world's few remaining handmade glass production facilities, we are proud to have direct access to wonderful material that is 100% infinitely recyclable. We are particularly excited to use this unique position for collaborations that will help promote environmental sustainability in our society.

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Turning Used Wine Bottles into Fresh water pitchers and glasses for a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok - a Step towards "Zero Waste to Landfill"

Bo.lan is a one-Michelin-star restaurant in Bangkok that redefined Thai cuisine with the concepts of fine dining and zero-waste. 

Etna is proud to team up with Bo.lan in their ‘Zero waste to Landfill’ initiative to up-cycle used wine bottles, which would otherwise end up in landfill.

 The cleaned wine bottles are taken from Bo.lan to our factory, where our skilled craftsmen turn them into fresh pitchers, which are then taken back to Bo.lan to be used in their dining rooms for house filtered water. Many other restaurants and hospitality venues in the area also plan to follow this footstep in the near future. 

Through this project, Bo.lan and Etna hope to raise awareness about recycling and environmental sustainability amongst the stakeholders in the industry, particularly the diners, who will notice the unique aesthetics of the green pitchers made from recycled bottles.


 Custom made water glass and pitcher, upcycled from old wine bottles. A collaboration between Etna Glass and Bo.Lan, a michelin-star restaurant in Bangkok