Our Story

In 1973 our grandad started a small glass studio in a sleepy town in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. Thanks to his commitment to highest product quality, the studio quickly grew into a facility that supplied glass products to many well-known brands worldwide. 
Some of our most vivid memories of childhood are pictures of our parents being immersed in their inherited passion, from reading books on glassblowing techniques until late at night to drawing design inspirations from a tree at our primary school’s carpark.
Riding along on this journey of our granddad and parents' has allowed us to witness the power craftsmanship has in connecting us - with our heritage, our creativity, our communities, and our planet. This appreciation together with a love for design then led us to create Etna.
Today, we, the grandchildren, continue to write the story of our family’s passion.  All of our products are still made at the same site that our grandad founded, and many of the craftsmen are even the children of those who saw the early days with him back then!

We strive to make beautiful, handcrafted glasses accessible to everyone for daily use – because we believe that creating special vibes should not be limited to the big occasions, but the little moments too.

We are committed to preserving the beautiful art of glassblowing, and promoting  job opportunities in local communities in Thailand.

- Nat and Nunu -
Nat and Nunu