in handmade glassware for tables and home

Designers ETNA

ETNA's design values are based on the complementary variety our designers, both in terms of background experience and their geographicareas of origin, which when fused together, brings out the best of exciting designs for our customers.

Their common denominator
is the love for glass and passion for
exploring new possibilities.

  • Kyle Buchanan

    British . BA Architecture
    University of Cambridge

    Kyle is a talented young designerwho has already won several design awards. He loves travelling and drawa his design inspiration from a wide range of sources and cultures. Kyle currently works as an architect in his hometown and gives lecture at UCL

  • Louise Truslow

    British . BA Performance Arts
    Middlesex University

    Louise is a renowned artist. Her works are held in Royal. Corporate and Private collections around the world. Her design inspiration is to simplify images and ideas from the literal to their abstract essence.

  • Anja Kjaer

    Danish . Glass Artist and Designer

    Anja has been working professionally with art glass and glass design since 1983. She is well-know for her sense of simplicity and vivid colors. Anja's designs are represented in permanent collections at museums from Denmark to New York. One of her master pieces was a gift from City of Copenhagen to Her Majesty the Queen Margaret and Prince Henrik of Denmark to mark their Silver Jubilee!

  • Sarngsan Na Soonthorn

    Thai–French. Architect and Industrail Designer

    Sarngsan is an energetic young designer with a fascinating multi-cultural background. He was born and grew up in peaceful northern-Thailand where he was trained initially as an architect. But having spent the past decade studying Industrial Design and working in the bustling French Capital, the experience gives him a very unique blend of East and West cultures which influences his design work. He is currently teaching Design Diploma in his hometown Paris.