in handmade glassware for tables and home

Our story ETNA

What started off as a small glass studio in a sleepy town one hour outside of Bangkok over forty year ago today
celebrates millions of handmade glass objects that have enriched people's life for generations worldwide.

Quality, distinctive designs and vibrant
colors are the core values of
ETNA products.

Our accumulated technical expertise in materials, production techniques and finishing touches result in distinctive and lasting glass products. Craftsmanship forms the basis of all ETNA glass objects that are carefully handcrafted everday in our original manufacturing site in Thailand.

To create one typical ETNA handmade vase, for example, It takes a team of up to ten skilled craftsmen, going through nine to twelves working stages, 1500 °C of heat and fifteen hours to take the glass through all its production stages from raw materials to finished products.

ETNA glass objects are available
in three key areas of life - drinking, dining and living

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Why customers choose ETNA

  • Consumers, shopper and professionals worldwide love premium glassware from ETNA brand, and here are the reasons why.
  • Handmade Every piece of ETNA glass crystal by experienced glass masters using some very exclusive and personal techniques inherited for centuries.
  • Design The core value of ETNA is in its unique designs.
  • VibrancyETNA offers some of the most extensive range of glass colors are real glass colors too, which means they are food-safe and dishwasher - safe!
  • AwardsETNA has won several international Design awards and was the first glass munufacturing company to be awarded Thailand Trusted Mark (TTM) by DITP in 2012